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Restructure Go-to-Market Field Resources

Spacelabs Medical had been a go-to-market leader in bedside physiological monitors.


While business was growing robustly on the East and West coasts, the middle of the country was in steep decline. Change did not come easily to this established company.


We contracted to provide a fractional Director of Sales for the middle of the country. Next, we assessed the division’s personnel resources, with communications and personality assessments and direct interviews to determine the right fit for positions. We created a new Technical Specialist position for a sales individual who was a better fit for a technical role.

As part of our turnaround management, we reconfigured sales territories and functions to better utilize people’s strengths. We redirected reporting functions so that an individual who had been challenged with coordinating her own resources and logistics became the leading sales individual in the country. We then collapsed three regions into two, hired another technical specialist and added team training.

Next, through newly invoked and ongoing SWOT analysis for the team, we developed best practices, shared company wide. We began including the service and clinical applications teams in our schedules and included them in developing best practices. The new technical specialists opened up time for the service and clinical applications teams to better use their talents, and for the sales team to concentrate on new opportunities.

Through our SWOT analysis, we determined which departments within hospitals offered the best opportunities for the most immediate business. We reached out to the corporate product development team to offer sites to assist them. As a result, the center of the country quickly became the development center for the company.

Once quarterly sales training and team building were implemented, it was easier to determine who was on board with our new dynamics and who was not. Direct division recruiting also improved hiring and skill/personality fit for the newly coordinated team efforts.


  • Within two years of turnaround management, the central part of the country was leading in most every category, and revenue generation.
  • Changes were made to the team’s structure and composition that enhanced overall performance.
  • The central division became the development center for the entire company.

Turnaround Management

Are your team members struggling? Is a sales division in need of a structural overhaul to improve performance, camaraderie and results? Turnaround management may be the solution. Contact us today: 505.805.5002.

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