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New product and market launches for high-growth companies.

Are you ready to take the leap into the unknown with a product and market development strategy? Introducing new products and opening up new geographic or market sectors can be an enticing way to improve a company’s performance.

New Product Launches

New product launches are exciting! And require a holistic, high-level view – taking an idea from concept to market while considering design, components and materials, supply chains, regulatory environments and customer profiles.

We’ve taken new products from ideation through development, manufacturing and through all phases of go-to-market – from first design to final shipment. Have you? Before you jump in head first, ask yourself if you have:

  • A complete market assessment and competitive analysis.
  • Appropriate quality systems in place.
  • Know-how to navigate existing or new regulatory environments.
  • Specific, experienced design personnel.
  • Prototyping and manufacturing expertise.
  • Supply chain contingencies – and backups for your backups.
  • A clear and defined target market.
  • Sales staff ready and familiar with the market.
  • Project planning and implementation expertise.
  • The right ERP or accounting system in place.
  • Fully researched and implemented intellectual property strategy.
  • Fully thought-out funding with reviewed contingencies.

The Yar Group’s expertise with new product launches in the electronic, medical and engineering fields position our clients’ products to succeed from day one.

New Market Launches

Heading into a new market – whether domestic territory or international area, or a distinct industry sector entirely – means thinking differently. When you engage with us for new market launches, we help you think about:

  • Direct vs indirect sales models, and hybrids.
  • Best marketing practices and strategies for the new sector or geography.
  • Distribution systems – domestic and global.
  • Exclusivity vs. partnerships in the new market.
  • Regulatory oversight and audits that vary by country.
  • Shipping and supply chain challenges.

We help you bring existing or new products to unexplored territories with our extensive go-to-market experience.

Stay on course.

Let’s introduce your new products with proven market development strategies and/or bring your products to entirely new sectors or countries. With the Yar Group’s help, you can open different industry segments, new market channels, and even new international territories for the best opportunities and most immediate success. Call us at 505.805.5002.

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